Funny parody posters of Oscar movies

In case you missed it, the Oscars were handed out last Sunday. As with all things nowadays anything remotely serious will get a parody. And the 10 Oscar nominees for Best Picture all got a parody poster made by College Humor as well.

Avatar = PredictableThey have actually done a really nice job, at first glance the posters look like the original movie posters, but when you take a closer look you’ll see that the titles and the tag lines have been edited. All titles and tag lines have actually been edited in such a way that the poster now actually says what the movie is about, for example, Inglourious Basterds has been renamed ‘Inacurate Trailer’ and Avatar has been renamed ‘Predictable.

Inglourious Basterds = Inacurate TrailerThe thing I really like about these posters is that at first glance you think it’s something serious. It just goes to show that good design does a lot for a poster, but it’s the copy that gets you in the end! Because all the movies have been marketed so much, if one poster was replaced by one of the parodies, you probably wouldn’t have noticed it.

Tjongolongo,it takes some creative thinking to come up with this. I do think that if you’re on a roll all the titles and tag lines will come naturally. I’m sure that whoever made these had a nice laugh whilst creating them.

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What’s your favourite poster?

Spotted @ College Humor