Aluminum foil chair that sticks to your bum

Tjongolongo I have come a cross yet another interesting design. This time it’s a chair made out of aluminum foil.

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has designed the ‘memory’  chair, a chair that can be shaped in any form you like. The designer has developed a special fabric made with recycled aluminum to create the chair.

Because of it’s unusual fabric the chair is able to transform and memorise the shape you created.

aluminum foil chair memory

Tjongolongo, how weird and yet cool is that! A chair that is able to take your ‘shape’. In theory it sounds like a comfortable chair, but just looking at the pictures I wonder how comfortable it’ll actually be in real life.

I have to say, that yet again I think this design could be an inspiration for many a marketing and communications professional. I could see this chair being used in a campaign for a trendy product.

What do you think of the aluminum foil chair?

Spotted @: Gizmodo
Image by: Designboom