What to do when you’re the most miserable city in America?

Since this is my ‘What is Marketing’ week I thought a sample of a good marketing campaign would be nice.

Forbes recently ranked Cleveland as the most miserable city in America. Positively Cleveland, Cleveland’s Tourism Board, didn’t like this and got a bunch of improv people together and created a funny marketing campaign.

According to Tami Brown, Positively Cleveland’s vice president of marketing, the day the article came out they started working on a video to counteract Forbes’ statement.

The video contains a bunch of actors complaining about things in Cleveland which are generally positive, but they perceive as miserable. For example, one lady is waiting at the elevator still doing her hair and make-up because the commute to work was too short to do it in the car whilst going to work. You’ve also got kids complaining that they’re getting too many educational trips to the zoo etc.

I think this is a really nice marketing campaign by Postively Cleveland. They did their research (Forbes claiming that they’re the most miserable city in America) and they are now saying the right thing (Cleveland isn’t that miserable at all) to the right people (people who think that Cleveland is a miserable city).

Not only did they do this, they also did it quickly using new media such as YouTube to post the video etc. and they created the site whattheforbes.com to which Cleveland citizens can post their positive photos and videos about Cleveland. They even have a chance to win one of three prize packages with Cleveland gifts.

They may be called the most miserable city in America, but marketing wise, I personally think they’re not doing so miserable at all! What do you think?

Spotted @ Marketingpower