Machine that turns office paper into toilet rolls

A Japanese company, Oriental, has created a machine that can actually turn waste office paper into rolls of toilet paper.

The machine will shred the waste office paper, mixes it with water and pulps it. After turning the paper in to pulp the machine will flatten it and dry it before making rolls of toilet paper out of it. How weird is that?

Machine turns office paper into rolls of toilet paper

And how cool, tjongolongo! All companies should have something like that, at least all that wasted office paper is put to good use and you’ll probably never run out of toilet paper!

I think this invention is a great example of turning something that a lot of companies are dealing with, loads of wasted office paper, into something they can use, toilet paper!

What I really like about this, is that not only did someone think of the idea, but they actually made it work!

I do wonder if companies will actually start installing a machine like this though and whether or not people will use the toilet paper.

What do you think? Would you use toilet paper made out of waste office paper?

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