Guy gets train logo tattooed for free tickets

Yep, I found a follow-up tattoo news item to the ‘guy gets glasses tattooed on his face‘ story that made me go tjongolongo!

Guy get train logo tattooed for free tickets

Australian Grant Burton has had the logo of a train company tattooed on his back for his parents. He wanted to give his parents something special for their 40th wedding anniversary. The only problem was the fact that he is unemployed, which meant he didn’t have much cash.

Since he knew that one of his parent’s wishes was to go to Europe he decided to contact train company EuRail and asked them he they could give them two tickets if he did something crazy to promote their brand.

And something crazy he did indeed. He decided to tattoo their logo and website on his back. The company agreed to this crazy idea! Tjongolongo…

Besides offering Grant the two tickets for his parents they also offered him a ticket and might even give him some spending money as well if he can get more fans on his Facebook page.

Tjongolongo, I wonder how much more of these crazy tattoo stunts we’re going to see in the future. Is tattoo are the new flashmob? A permanent and new way of marketing?

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