Britain’s weirdest names

Whilst searching for a nice marketing example for my last article during my marketing week I got came across an article about baby names in Britain has done a survey on the most bizarre names in Britain today. Names they found included: Stan Still, Mary Christmas, Paige Turner, Chris Cross, Barry Cade, Sonny Day, Rose Bush, Pearl Button and Hazel Nutt

They also uncovered a few American names which included: Anna Prentice, Annette Curtain, Bill Board and Carrie Oakey

When I read the story and saw the names, I thought, tjongolongo! The parents that came up with this should get a little marketing lesson. As I said, to me, marketing is ‘do the research to say the right thing to the right person’.

The most important part of that definition is the beginning, DO THE RESEARCH! I urge all expecting parents to think long and hard and also write down the full names of their future child before making it official.

Unless of course, you’ve got a weird sense of humor, then of course you can still name your child something like Hazel when your last name is Nutt. In fact, why not call your child Hazel Emily Louise Lorraine Olivia Nutt, her initials will then be H.E.L.L.O. Nutt, but you can just call her Hazel Nutt. Than again, she might just take her name and put it to her advantage, time will tell.

Marketing is not just for those people working in the field, marketing is something for everyone. Whatever you do, in whatever situation, you should always do the research to try and say the right thing to the right person. Including when picking a name for your child.

What is the weirdest name you’ve ever heard?

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