No Pants! Subway Ride 2010 goes around the world and viral in one day

Every year in January Improv Everywhere stages the No Pants! Subway Ride in New York City. This year the ninth ride took place on January 10, 2010. Next to organising it in New York City the organisation also encourages people in other cities around the world to stage their own ride on the same day.

No Pants! Subway RideThe idea is simple, get a bunch of people, or as Improv Everywhere calls them ‘undercover agents’ to ride the subway without any pants on!

I have heard of the No Pants! Subway Ride before and have seen footage of the previous years, but this is the first year I actually noticed how the ride went viral on the web within 24 hours. Improv Everywhere hasn’t even posted their own videos on their website yet, but already viral videos have popped up on YouTube showing people riding the subway with no pants on.

Below you can see a few of the videos that have popped up about No Pants! Subway Ride 2010 held in various cities around the world. None of them are official though. As soon as Improv Everywhere has posted their official video I’ll update this post with the official video.

Update: Official video was posted on 20 January on this page. See official video below.

New York – No Pants Subway Ride 2010

New York





I have never participated in anything like this. I would like to participate in a flash mob once, but would prefer to keep my pants on though!

Did anyone participate in the No Pants! Subway Ride this year?

Spotted @ Mashable & Newslite