‘Color Picker’ – a pen that picks the colour of objects

A pen that can pick the colour of an object just by placing the pen on the object and pressing the scan button, that’s the ‘Color Picker’. Tjongolongo, how cool is that?
I came across this concept and was immediately intrigued. Designer Jinsun Park has created this innovative design of a concept pen that can scan colours from any object and immediately picks the colour of the object for drawing.
Color Picker - the pen that can pick the colour of actual objects

The pen detects the colour with a special colour sensor and a RGB cartridge inside the pen will mix it correct colour for you to use.

I think this is an amazing concept. Depending on the quality of the product it can be an interesting new tool for artists, being able to use the exact colour of something they want to draw.

Color Picker - step 1: scan the colour of an object
Color Picker - step 2: draw with the exact colour of your scanned object!

I can see a use for this myself. When looking for something in a specific colour for example. I’ve had many times when I saw a colour on one object and wanted another object in that exact same colour. When I was in a different store it was always difficult to remember that exact colour. With a pen like this in hand, I could just, pick that colour, draw it on a piece of paper and take it with me to another shop!

And that’s just one thing I would use a pen like this for. I sure do hope that they’ll make this pen a reality.

What would you use the ‘Color Picker’ pen for?

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