Chocolate shoes – what more could a girl want?!

What girl wouldn’t love a pair of chocolate stilettos! A cake maker in the UK has created a very cool collection of chocolate shoes.

The cake maker, Frances Cooley, found the shoe mould in Belgium and decide to develop her own collection by hand. As you can imagine the shoes are a hit, it’s a perfect gift for women, chocolate and a stiletto all in one! Not only does she make the shoes, she also creates chocolate handbags. tjongologo, how cool is that!

Chocolate shoes, stiletto's

I think it’s really nice how a cake maker can get inspired by a shoe mould and basically put herself on the (cake) map with something unique. A nice piece of marketing without trying!

I wouldn’t mind getting a pair of these stiletto’s with a matching handbag, it would almost be a shame to eat them though…

Would you buy a pair of chocolate stiletto’s?

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Photo: SWNS