Tweeting and Facebooking at the altar going a bit too far?

Tjongolongo, I spotted this video on YouTube and saw that it’s currently in the top 10 of viral videos. I can imagine why, you don’t often see the groom first changing his Facebook status to married after the minister pronounced him married before even kissing his bride! He even gave his new wife her mobile phone to update her status as well. he even managed to squeeze in some time to update his Twitter account.

On YouTube the groom explains that he and his bride keep in touch with their family through Facebook a lot so he thought he’d surprise his guests with updating his profile at the altar. He didn’t only surprise his guest but also his bride. The only other person in on the act was the minister.

I knew there are people in the world addicted to Facebook and Twitter, but isn’t this taking it a bit too far? I have to say, it may not be something I would do, but I think it’s hilarious and not something you see every day and I wish the lovely couple all the best. Who knows maybe it’s something we’ll see more from now on.

It just goes to show that Social Media is everywhere, even at a wedding!

Would you Twitter or Facebook at the altar?