SuitSupply ad ‘Start smoking’ too provocative?

In the Netherlands a new advertisement has been published by clothing company SuitSupply. The ad features a man in a tuxedo smoking a cigarette with underneath the text Start smoking, where it usually says ‘Smoking kills’. They have even created a Start Smoking site for the campaign.

SuitSupply Start Smoking Ad

The word smoking in the Netherlands is Dutch for tuxedo so the company is just basically telling people to start buying a smoking/tuxedo at SuitSupply. However, I can imagine how this can be just a little bit too provocative.

A Dutch anti smoking foundation, Stivoro, isn’t happy with the campaign which I can understand as well. They feel it might entice younger people to start smoking.

I personally think it’s funny, but than again, I don’t smoke and the ad wouldn’t get me too smoke, maybe I’m just getting to old to be influenced :).

The campaign did get me thinking though, where do we draw the line with advertising or other ways of communication for that matter? Did SuitSupply cross the line?