Policeman dances to direct traffic

In the US there’s a policeman that actually dances while directing traffic!
His actions have been uploaded to YouTube for all to see. According to Newslite.tv the 62-year-old policeman is said to have started dancing on duty after seeing something similar on an episode of Candid Camera in the 1980s.

Tjongolongo, how cool is having a dancing policeman directing traffic! I’m sure he doesn’t have any angry drivers yelling at him. Looking at a guy like this just makes you smile doesn’t it?

If you have any doubts whether or not this is an act. Check out the policeman’s website. When reading the site, you can see he really was a policeman, he’s retired now, but you can still hire him for some of his unique policeman dances!

I actually think I saw something like this (perhaps it was the same guy!) a few years ago on television. I still like things like this though. It still makes me go tjongolongo!

I think all policemen should get a lesson in directing traffic while dancing. This policeman gives is a positive example of police work. And also if you’re working at the Communications department of the police, think about how things like this could make for some fun communication material!

How would you react if you saw a policeman dancing?

Spotted @ Newslite.tv