Flexible furniture made out of cardboard

FlexibleLove Seat

A slinky like seat made out of cardboard called FlexibleLove. I used to love playing with a slinky and I love chairs and now there is a company that incorporates both, FlexibleLove Furniture.

According to their site FlexibleLove™ furniture incorporates an ‘accordion-like, honeycomb’ structure to create durable furniture pieces produced from widely-available recycled materials. FlexibleLove furniture, such as FlexibleLove Earth 16, are made from recycled paper and recycled wood waste, and are produced using pre-existing manufacturing processes in order to reduce their overall impact on the environment.

For people living in small apartments (like me) a seat like this could be very useful. Just expand it when needed and make it small again when you need the room! Tjongolongo, how cool is that! I do wonder how nice it is to sit on though, but I wouldn’t mind trying it out!

Would you buy a FlexibleLove seat?

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