Find your look-a-like on Facebook

Coke ZeroCoca-Cola has launched the Coke Zero Facial Profiler. It’s a worldwide social experiment to find people who look just like you, your identical twin! You can sign up to the application with your Facebook account and the profiler will scan your photos and compare them with others that have signed up. After comparing, out comes a match and you should be looking at your look-a-like or long lost twin!

Tjongolongo! I think this is so cool! I’ve always heard people say that there is a look-a-like for everyone out there somewhere. Perhaps you can find your look-a-like by using this application now!

I think this is yet again another interesting way of using Social Media to promote a product. I find it really interesting to see how people are incorporating Social Media more and more into their marketing and communications activities. However, just like everything you choose to work with whether it’s an advertisment, a brochure or a Social Media tool, you have to make sure it makes sense.

Eventhough I love the facial profiler app. I’m not sure what all this has to do with Coke Zero though. The only thing connecting it to Coke Zero is a statement that says ‘If Coke Zero has Coke’s taste, is it possible someone out there has your face?’. That’s it. I like the fact that Coke is using Social Media and I like the profiler, I’m just not too sure about the connection between the two.

What are your thoughts about the profiler? Did you try it out and found a good match?

Spotted @ Mashable