A clock that’s being redrawn by hand every minute

Tjongolongo, I just saw a video of the coolest clock ever! Every minute a guy is erasing and redrawing the minute hand.

It looks really weird, you would think that there’s a person on the other side of the clock, but there isn’t. It’s actually an LED screen with a looping video of a guy manually redrawing the minute hand. The clock is made by Dutch designer Maarten Baas. When I visited his site I saw that he’s done even more with clocks, one of which you see a digital clock with someone erasing and redrawing the numbers as well. It turns out that the clock is part of his REAL TIME project in which he features more clocks.

Tjongolongo, I really think this is cool in a weird kinda way.

If you’re a company that sells clocks, this would be a nice one to put in your window display!

Which of Maarten’s clocks is your favourite?

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