Very creepy soap commercial

I came across this very funny but creepy soap commercial today and the first thing I thought was Tjongolongo! how cool is that! It’s a video about the cleaning product you use in your house and what’s inside them.

The video is from, they feel that everyone has the right to know what’s inside the cleaners you use and they are trying to get the Household Product Labelling Act approved. This legislation would require cleaning products to list all ingredients on their labels – so you can decide what to use in your home and around your family.

I personally think this Shiny Suds video is great and could turn out to be a very useful part of the marketing for this legislation. A good way to get people to think about the subject. The video has had 265,534 views so far and from what I can tell has only been online since 17 November 2009, lets hope the people watching this viral video will do more than laugh!

I wonder if they’ll make a sequel. If they do though, what would you like to see in it?

Spotted @ Alltop