Incredibly creative Social Media campaign on Facebook by IKEA

I came across this very cool use of Facebook by IKEA. So cool, yet so simple. What IKEA did was the following.

IKEA logo1. Open a new store (Malmo, Sweden)

2. Create a Facebook profile page for the store manager Gordon Gustavsson.
Facebook logo
3. Upload images from the IKEA showrooms

4. Tell everybody that the first person to tag their name to a product in the pictures wins the product!

As you can imagine, word spread quickly on Facebook and loads of Swedes were soon begging for more pictures to tag their name on!

I would love the know the ROI and other stats on this campaign (how many people visited the new store after tagging themselves etc.), but tjongolongo, I think this is a very cool use of Social Media! One that I will definitely keep in mind!

I see a lot of potential in this type of campaigning as long as it’s ‘allowed’ on Facebook that is, because I’m not sure if this was all done according to the Facebook rules, but sometimes, for cool things like this, rules are made to be broken…

What are your thoughts about this IKEA campaign? Think it’ll work for more companies?

Spotted @ CNET