Google Sesame Street logos are taking over!

As you may have noticed, Google celebrates 40 years of Sesame Street this week. Special Google Doodles have been created featuring some of the Sesame Street characters.

Google Doodle, Sesame Street, Cookie Monster

I can’t actually believe that Sesame Street has been around for 40 years already! From a tv show to a Google Doodle on the internet. They may be 40, but they are keeping up with the times!

Tjongolongo, they do look good on the doodle’s dont’they? My favourite so far is Cookie Monster!

I think it’s nice to see how Google changes its logo for special occasions like this, it keeps people informed and you keep attracting people to your search engine, which is pretty smart marketing as well ! Because everybody wants to know what Google comes up with! But then again, who doesn’t use Google these days.

I forgot to mention that the Doodles can differ per country sometimes containing characters from that specific country. I will keep posting new Sesame Street Doodles as they appear on Google.
Google Doodle, Sesame Street, Big Bird
Big Bird

Google Doodle, Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie
Bert & Ernie
Google Doodle, Sesame Street, Ieniemienie, The Netherlands and Belgium character
Ieniemienie, The Netherlands & Belgium
Google Doodle, Sesame Street, Abigail, Israel character
Abigail, Israel
Google Doodle, Sesame Street, Abelardo, Mexico character
Abelardo, Mexico
Google Doodle, Sesame Street, Oscar the Grouch
Oscar the Grouch

Google Doodle, Sesame Street, Elmo

Google Doodle, Sesame Street, Count von Count
Count von Count
Google Doodle, Sesame Street Ensemble
Sesame Street Ensemble

Which Sesame Street character would you like to see  take over the Google logo?