Google New York office has scooters, slides and more!

In Google’s New York office there is room for both work and play! Everybody knows that Google has fun offices, I knew, but I’ve never seen the one in New York before.

Last week Business Insider visited the New York office and took some photos. The photos made me go tjongolongo! They’ve got lounge chairs, graffiti on the walls, Lego, retro game computers, the ultimate snack machine and more!

My favourite photo is of a couple of slides (you can just see them in the background), I  mean, who wouldn’t want to have a slide in the office! For a full photo tour of the building visit the Business Insider website.

Google New York Office, scooters
Google New York office, snack machine
Google New York office, slides

I like the way Google is styling its offices, I think a lot of companies forget that the office space is an important part of the company’s brand identity. The way you style your office is just as important as what clothes the CEO is wearing, what do you want your company to be jeans or a suit?

For those marketing and communications specialists that are practicing internal communications and brand management, look around, is your office an extension of the brand identity or isn’t it at all compatible?

Spotted @ Business Insider