4 things companies can learn from the movie Fame (2009)

I went to see the movie Fame this weekend. I hadn’t heard any reviews yet, but I saw the original Fame movie as well as seen the TV series. I thought the trailer was great, so I was really looking forward to the movie.

I went to the movie with a couple of friends, we sat through the 90mins and when it ended all I could think was ‘okay, is that it? – tjongolongo, what a disaster!’ It was one of the worst movies I’d seen in awhile.

However, behind ever disaster is a lesson to be learned. There are so many things you can learn from this movie, but I’ve just listed 4 things. Basically 4 things to prevent your company from being a disaster.

1. Make sure you have a story to tell
What was lacking throughout the movie was a definitive story line, what were the characters coming from and where are they going to and I don’t mean from home to school…

The most important thing for a company to have is a story. Not just a tag line, an organisational chart with some names on it and a financial overview. No, a real story. What is your mission and vision for the next 5 years and why? What is the story and can you tell it to a stranger in 1 minute in such a way that he understands what it is you’re doing?

2. Have a clear organisational structure
The only structure in the movie I could see was that every 20mins or so we moved up a school year. The characters are still a mystery to me, there was no development whatsoever. There were a lot of characters in the movie, but that in itself doesn’t have to be a problem . Ever seen Love Actually? – a lot of characters as well, but they made it work.

In a company a clear structure is very important. Who can you contact for what, and who is responsible for what? A clear structure means everybody knows what’s expected of them and what they can expect from others. From an external point of view it’s also important to have a clear internal organisation, because what happens inside a company will always reflects on what’s happing outside.

3. Just because you hire the best doesn’t mean you are the best
I have to say the dancing and singing in the movie was amazing. The acting was not that bad either. But beacuse there was no story and a complete lack of character development the actors weren’t portrait to their full potential. A real shame.

The same thing can happen in your company though. If the company itself doesn’t have it’s act together great people working for that company will never reach their full potential, or at least not at your company, mostly, they will move on to work for your competitor, where they will hopefully shine.

4. Don’t claim to be more than you are
Basically, be worth the money your client is paying. If you say you sell a product that works, make sure it works! Otherwise you will lose clients and next time they’ll go to your competitor and even worse tell everybody you don’t deliver as promised.

That’s basically what happened with Fame. I went, I saw and now I’m writing about what a disaster it was. If you must see the movie, just rent the DVD (don’t even buy it).

But if anything, please learn something from it.

Have you seen the movie? What are the lessons you’ve learned?
What is your worst movie ever and what can we learn from that?