When Social Media meets art

That’s when you a get an exhibition of phrases said on Twitter that are made into drawings. The artist that does all this is David Hoang a non chocolate liking artist who describes himself as two parts cultural ecologist, one part DJ. When he looks at the phrases said in a Tweet he is inspired to draw a picture. This is what inspired his “@” series exhibited in May earlier this year. An exhibition of his drawings for which he simply asked Twitter users to @reply him a title which he would than turn into a drawing.

Another thing David does is create YouTube videos where you can see him hand draw avatars accompanied by music that reflects the person who’s avatar he’s drawing.

Why did this artist made me go Tjongolongo you ask? Well, other than the fact that I like his drawings and combined it with music I think it’s cool to see how he uses Social Media with his artistic talent.

Because he used people’s @replies for his artwork he in turn got people to look at his artwork and I’m sure suggest his work to their friends. The new word of mouth marketing is in Social Media, we saw that already in the viral videos that get forwarded. We are also seeing it more and more on Social Media platforms like Twitter. And he’s funny as well, next to his artistic skills he also makes videos about what he’s up to which are funny.

Too bad I missed his invite for titles for the @ exhibition, I would’ve like to see what he’d come up with for something stupid that doesn’t make any sense like “Tjongolongo, I just had boiled eggs for breakfast because my fried eggs were afraid for the bacon”. Or just simply use one of the phrases I used for one of my blog posts like “I Twitter dead people”.

Anyway, as I said, I like this guy and am now following him on Twitter @davidhoang and if you want to know more check out his website http://davidhoang.com or one of the videos below.

But enough about what I like, tell me, what would you would’ve like to have David draw?


David Hoang—Hand Drawn Avatars

Caramel Syrup Milk Win!

I Picked Up a Hooker Today

Spotted @ Bit Rebels via Guy Kawasaki