I tweet dead people…

Well, I don’t and am not going to, but apparently if you’re on Twitter, you can! On 30 October (Happy Halloween!) an online séance or as it’s called on Twitter, a Tweance…, will be held. According to the Sun, during this session the Twitterers can talk to deceased stars. Twitterers can nominate stars and four of them will be quizzed by psychic Jayne Wallace.

Whether or not it’ll work, I don’t know. I mean, in all fairness, whatever the psychic says, who will verify it? It’s not like she’ll be talking to someone you’ve actually known so you can try and figure out if it’s for real or not.

The idea for the Tweance comes from a company in the UK called Angels Fancy Dress, a company that sells fancy dress costumes. If this news catches on, I think this is a clever idea of the company with Halloween coming up and so many stars passing away lately. A nice sample of marketing with an online social media tool. You can join the Tweance at http://www.twitter.com/tweance

Now tell me, which dead celebrity would you like to Twitter? Perhaps ask Michael Jackson if this is really it?

UPDATE: the deceased artists that the psychic tried to talked to on Halloween were:
River Phoenix, Kurt Cobain, William Shakespeare and Michael Jackson.
She didn’t manage to talk to William Shakespeare, but did get in touch with all the others.


Spotted @ Mashable

The song that popped into my mind for this one was:
The Twighlight Zone – Theme Song