How to market coffins? Create a sexy calendar!

Sexy, Coffin, CalendarThat is exactly what Italian coffin firm Cofanifunebri did. They took a few sexy dressed girls some coffins, booked a church and held a photoshoot!

Sexy Coffin Calendar
Sexy Coffin Calendar

Checking their site you can see that this is not something new for them, they have been doing this for a few years now. They also have t-shirts, key chains and more, most of it with a morbid kind of humor like ‘got formaldehyde?’.

Tjongolongo, where on earth did they come up with this idea? I like the fact that next to coffins they decided to merchandise.  They should try and see if they can expand on that idea and make all the stuff work together a bit more. Now it’s mostly skulls and the colour black that hold it all together. Overall, I think it’s a very cool and unique way of branding a coffin company.

True, this may not be to everybody’s taste, but the company will get noticed. I mean I would never think to check out a coffin makers website, that is until I saw this weird news about a sexy coffin calendar, too bad there were no sexy guys though.


Spotted @ Newslite

And the song to go with this news….
The Addams Family – Theme Song