Grocery Store Musical and more viral videos

The people of Improv Everywhere finally did it, they made a follow up to their Food Court Musical. For this mission the location was a grocery store, six undercover actors burst into song in a grocery store accompanied of course the necessary silly choreography.

I am a real fan of Improv Everywhere, ever since I first saw the Food Court Musical and Frozen Grand Central. I think I’ve seen about all of their missions.

What I like about their missions is that they just do it for fun. It’s like their site says ‘Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places‘. You can also ask them to create a flash mob for your company. In fact, the Grocery Store Musical was sponsored by Trident Layers (giving them creative control and using no product placement though).

A lot of companies try to pull of the same flash mobs or try their hand on making a cool viral video. However because they want it to be linked to the company, it sometimes just fails miserably.

There are a few flash mobs that were especially designed for companies that I do like though and that did make me go Tjongolongo! (in a good way).

My top 4 choreographed commercial viral videos are (in no particular order):

1. Oprah Winfrey Show 24th season kick-off – I gotta feeling
Reason: This was more of a surprise for Oprah, than it was to get people to watch the show, but a great video none the less and an excellent kick-off for the new season.

2. 100 Single Ladies, Piccadilly Circus, London – Trident
Reason: To celebrate the announcement by Trident of its free Beyonce performance later in the year.

3.Sound of Music, Antwerp Central Station – VTM (Belgian Television)
Reason: To promote a TV show in which they were looking for someone to play the role of Maria in the musical The Sound of Music.

4. Coca Cola flash mob
Reason: Coca Cola Commercial – not sure if it was all an act, but I hope not.

What is your favourite flash mob or viral video?