Bye Bye Brand Manager

Bye Bye Brand Manager

Or at least that’s what Forrester, a technology and market research company, is saying.  According to an article I saw on Advertising Age today Forrester will be sending out a report  about this next week.
In this report they basically say that it’s time to move away from brand managers and start looking at brand advocates.
This because of the whole Digital Age thing we’re moving more and more towards. According to Forrester these brand advocates will be “seemingly more powerful and consumer-centric, much nimbler, and more real-time-oriented than the brand manager of today — and they will be a lot more opportunistic in creating media partnerships, and a lot less loyal to their agencies.”

Interesting stuff, I (obviously) haven’t read the full report but with the overall new focus I agree. Everybody should get back to basics, but Tjongolongo, why, I mean WHY do we have to change the name from Brand Manager to Brand Advocate??!!

I’m getting so tired these days with all the different names for, in a way, 1 job. I’m voting to either stick with what you’ve got or for persons to be on business card. The marketing person, the sales person, the brand person, etc. Stop with the executive, coordinator, manager etc.

Just let the job evolve with the time and stop messing around with the names! I mean a butcher back in the day probably killed his own cattle for meat but doesn’t do it now. But it’s still a butcher!


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