A piano staircase or an escalator, which would you choose?

If we make taking the stairs more fun will more people choose it over the escalator? That’s a question the people at thefuntheory.com (an initiative of Volkswagen) asked themselves. They are trying to see if they can get people to change their behaviour for the better by making them have fun. The videos they made for this project are spreading quickly all over the web. In my opinion an excellent viral brand campaign by Volkswagen.

For the piano staircase project they made a flight of stairs look like a piano and installed sensors connected so that when people  would walk on the stairs, they would play musical notes. Tjongolongo! How cool is that! I wouldn’t like to be walking on these stairs with 20 other people at the same time though…

They have also created the World’s Deepest Bin. An ordinary bin in which they installed a sensor with a cartoon falling and bang sound each time you throw something in the bin.

The latest project they have in the pipeline is making it more fun for people to recycle. Can’t wait to see what they come up with!


The song that first popped into my head for this was:
Heart and Soul as seen in the movie Big with Tom Hanks
(no, not even Chopsticks)

Spotted this @ Newslite